Increase Default TimeOut in WATIR

I have been sing WATiR for quite a time. Right now I m working with a
remote system and because of VPN access the pages take long time to
load. I wish to increase WATiR’s default waiting time to a user define
seconds. Can any one help me out.

During debuggin my script I came across timeout.rb in Ruby/1.8
directory. Can any one suggest if I need to make changes in this file or
some other file. Or if I can include some timeout module and set it to
my desired value or if there is some global variable that i can set.

Thanks & Regards,

I’m not sure about Watir, but using webdriver you just change the
underlying driver’s timeout:

@client =
@client.timeout = 300 # seconds – default is 60

@driver = :firefox, :http_client => @client