Including a CSS page

Hello All,
n00b question here. I’m setting up my first radiant site. SVN Trunk.
I’ve created 2 layous, “normal” and “stylesheet”.
In "stylesheet’ I have:
<r:content />

I’ve created a page (under my homepage) called “screen”.
In screen I have all of my CSS info.

How do I include screen into my layout? I’ve tried “” but that isn’t working.

BJ Clark

The way you include the css in the layout is ok.
All you need to do is to define the slug for screen as screen.css. On
page for screen click on the link more below the page title and define
slug as being screen.css instead of probably screen.


Also, make sure that on the Stylesheet layout, that the Content Type
is set correctly. It should be text/css. If you can’t see the field,
click the “More” link.

Sean C.

Thanks to both of you.
Some how, I was completely missing the “more” link. That needs to be
bigger for sure. Everything is giant text in the admin, except for that
little tiny link.
Anyway, I’ve got it up and running now!
I love radiant. Super nice.

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