In Shoes, whye does ask_open_file run a shoes app?

If I have a bit of code inside block, like this

keypress do |k|
case k

when :alt_o
@contents =

it runs the file (if it is a shoes app). Otherwise, it seems to do
nothing and returns nil.

If you run it outside of the block, pas in the manual
example] it works ok.

Does set the context for ask_open_file to be able to run new
apps? How can I change this?


Ed Howland

Hey Ed-

This is… very strange. And certainly a bug. What platform are you
on, and are you using Policeman or Rasins? I couldn’t recreate this on
OSX Policeman. Using these two scripts:
, when I run test1, and open test2, the alert returns the text of

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