In_place_field_editor: Must you have an instance variable?


I am trying to implement in_place_field_editor into my UI in a limited
but useful way.

I want to use in_place_field_editor within a partial that is called
from a view as shown here:

<%= render :partial => "shared/property",
           :collection => @properties,
           :locals => {:member_entity => @logged_in_member_entity}

Within the “property” partial, I use the “property” local variable
(current entry of the :collection).

I should like to use in_place_field_editor to edit the name attribute
of “property” as shown here:

      <%= in_place_editor_field :property, :name, {},

{:external_control => “rename_name_#{}”, :save_text =>
“update” } %>

To get this to work I must first do <% @property = property %>

Is it possible to avoid this last statement and just to refer to the
local variable “property” within the in_place_editor_field call?


No, not without hacking the in_place_editor.

Roderick van Domburg