Hi guys, even if editing in place is very documented I have a issue
with it and frankly speaking I feel a bit silly.

I’m trying to editing the home team’s name of football schedule.

Below my code

class MatchController < ApplicationController

in_place_edit_for :match, :home

end in my view

<%for match in @match_list%>

<%= in_place_editor_field :match, 'home' %> ... <%end%>

but it doesn’t show anything.

what’s wrong with my code ???

Do you have all the JS fles and such? Try grabbing the developer toolbar
Firefox and see if there are any JS errors.

On 10/17/07, Sig Dx [email protected] wrote:

class MatchController < ApplicationController

Nathaniel Steven Henry Brown

Hi Nathaniel, yes javascript is fine, in the same page I use other AJAX
code and all is fine.

Is that field blank in the database? If it’s blank it will not display
anything. I came across a siiliar issue and combated it by having the
field filled with dashes or some other type of place holder. You might
also take a look at the generated HTML to see if it is infact generating
the correct output to the page.


it’s not blank, otherwise it is fine if it doesn’t show anyting