In_place_editor and multiple updates

I am trying to use the in_place_editor and update multiple ids on the
page based on the edits.

Here’s the example:

Want to let users edit the zip code using <%= in_place_editor_field
:customer, :zip, :script => true %> and when they complete the edit,
want to update one other id on the page that shows the customer city. I
have defined a method in the controller as -

def set_customer_zip
@customer = Customer.find(params[:id]) = params[:value] = “New City”

Here’s what I have tried so far

  1. In set_customer_zip
    render :text =>
    render :update do |page|
    page.replace_html ‘customer_city’,
    Error: Two renders not allowed.

  2. In set_customer_zip
    render :update do |page|
    page.replace_html ‘customer_zip’,
    page.replace_html ‘customer_city’,
    Problem: No syntax errors. Customer city gets updated and so does
    customer zip, but customer zip no longer has the in-place edit

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.