In-place Editing; State of the Union


Wants the current State of the Union wrt in-place editing and Rails 2.2
or >? Are folks using the in_place_editor plugin? SuperInPlaceControls
( Rolling your own?

Getting ready to dig in for a new project and just wanted to see what
the prevailing wisdom is?


Any reply to this…?

I just discovered the SuperInPlaceControls plugin today and am trying
it out… I like it, but here are some problems I’m having:

  1. I get the following error when trying to use <%=
    in_place_date_select :contact, :birthday %>

    wrong number of arguments (5 for 4)

  2. if an obj’s attribute is nil or blank, the plugin doesnt show any
    alternate text (e.g. “click to edit”), it inserts a line break and
    then creates a hot spot for clicking to edit that only makes itself
    evident (by highlighting) if the user happens to rollover it

  3. on non-empty attributes, when you click to edit, it always seems to
    insert a
    before bring up the edit controls despite trying some
    things indicated by reading the code

Anybody have any experience with this plugin, workarounds to these
problems, or an alternative to the whole in place editing approach?

On Jun 23, 5:12 pm, Cory W. [email protected]

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