In fastcgi the environment.rb isn't loaded


Hi People,

I am working on Windows XP, with Apache and FastCGI. I am having some
problems because it looks like that the environment.rb isn’t loaded when
using FastCGI. I can put anything in it, good things or things that
should generate errors. I restart the server and then nothing happens.
Everything just works like the parser never saw what was in the
environment.rb file. When I use CGI (or WebRick) instead of FastCGI, the
server does find the errors.

I came across this problem because Rails does some other strange thing
when working in FastCGI mode. When I set the static property
‘ActionWebService::API::Base.allow_active_record_expects = true;’ it
also looks like the parser never saw this piece of code. I still can’t
use active records in my webservice :expects. Don’t ask me why I want to
set ActionWebService::API::Base.allow_active_record_expects to true, it
just should work. It only works in Webrick and CGI.

Do you have the same problems?