In-band RX issues, higher freq?

Hi all,

While it seems as though I’ve solved the I&Q problem in the FPGA, the
in-band code now seems to be receiving a different frequency than the
standard code. Here is captured data using the std and inband code of a
10MHz sine wave, with the in-band capture being the top graph:

To capture the standard output, I used:
./test_usrp_standard_rx -F 10000000 -o data

Their amplitudes seem to be exactly the same, but the in-band code seems
to be capturing a higher frequency. Can there be any other issue other
than a daughterboard tuning problem? I’m setting the frequency properly
using set_rx_freq() with a mux of 0xf0f0f0f0. The same transmitter is
used to capture both sets of data.


Ahhh nevermind, this is a decimation issue. Considering I’m not
plotting over time, but rather the amount of data… it makes sense.

  • George

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