Improved SQL Server Connection Adapter

I added a few additional options to the SQL Server connection adapter
(sqlserver_adapter.rb) in the /vendor/rails/activerecord/lib/
active_record/connection_adapters/ folder. I’ve also used the updates
Ryan Barton added to make the connector work with ActiveScaffold
+server&rnum=1#51604a38878792ff). The file is posted in the Files
section of the ActiveScaffold group (

You can now opt to use integrated security instead of a username and
password, like so:

adapter: sqlserver
database: test_app_development
integrated: SSPI

username: user

password: pass

mode: DBI:ADO # Optional; this is hard-coded
provider: SQLNCLI # Optional; if blank, defaults to SQLOLEDB

This has been tested with Edge Rails and has worked with everything
I’ve thrown at it, but I don’t know about previous Rails versions.