Importing and using blocks from new version of GRC to the previous version

Hi all!
While trying to use the latest version of GR on Windows, I am receiving
the same error discussed here (No module named
wxgui_swig):[email protected]/msg44400.html
The new version of the GR is particularly appealing to me as in the GRC,
there seem to be are “Fading model” and “Frequency selective fading”
blocks that I would like to use.
Is there a way to somehow “import” these blocks so that I can use them
in version 2.6?

Hi Kresimir,

sadly, the answer to your question is “no”, unless you start backporting
stuff yourself.
I know this is kind of not really a satsfying answer, but: If you don’t
really really rely on GNU Radio running under windows, I strongly
recommend looking into linux as GNU Radio development platform; maybe
first try running it in a virtual machine, see if it is big of a problem
using linux.

Then: If you want to sound “real” channels (big scale outdoor ones, at
least), try the excellent gr-channelsounder:
GitHub - gbaier/gr_channelsounder: a correlation channel sounder for GNU Radio that runs under GR 3.6; it
will give you channel models that can be directly used.

Hope that helped anyway,