Important methods for Ruby implementations?

Hello Everyone,

I am creating an alternate Ruby implementation as a hobby project.
Because this is a side project I only have limited time to commit to it.
So what do you consider to be the most important core classes and class
methods for a Ruby implementation to have? I am not looking to implement
everything from the Ruby core, just enough so that my implementation can
be reasonably complete.


Are you looking for estimates in the order of “30 methods” or “300

If the latter, you should IMO implement (mostly in order)
classes/modules Fixnum, Float, String, Array, Hash, Range, Enumerable
and Comparable. (I omitted certain important bits such as the Module,
Class or Proc classes, since metaprogramming is sort of an advanced
feature; however, they should somehow exist, obviously, maybe lacking
most methods).

– Matma R.