Import Error with "howto" module


I am an RF engineer who is just starting to play around with Linux and
gnuradio for fun. I have been successfully making some simple
work on my USRP2. I would like to write my own DSP blocks and when I try
import the “howto” module into another python program I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 5, in
from gnuradio import gr, gru, eng_notation, usrp2, blks2, howto
ImportError: cannot import name howto

I downloaded the gr-howto-write-a-block-3.3.0 file and did the following

*>cd gnuradio/gr-howto-write-a-block-3.3.0

sudo make
sudo make check
sudo make install*

At someone’s suggestion I also did the following in the
gr-howto-write-a-block-3.3.0 successfully:

*>cd lib

sudo make install
sudo make check
cd …
cd python
sudo make install
sudo make check*

What else do I need to do to be able to use the “howto” module?


On 10/21/2010 01:53 PM, Michael Civerolo wrote:

ImportError: cannot import name howto*

Where did make install put the python files? Set your PYTHONPATH
environment variable appropriately.


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