Import error after re-swig-ing


I know Tom is really busy these days, so I decided to give him a break
from all my questions and see if anyone on the list can provide some

I have been using gnuradio 3.0 rc1 for at least one month, with no
obvious issues. running on ubuntu 7.04, x86

I wrote a little 1/2-rate convolutional encoder using the IT++
libraries, and put in gnuradio-core/general for the moment. After
creating and/or editing the requisite .cc, .h, .i, and
files, I was able to ‘make’ my way all the way down the build tree to
gnuradio/trunk with no (as far as I can tell) errors. my code,
gr_half_conv_enc_bb, now shows up in
gnuradio/gr/ at the end of all the other
classes in the file. I can’t seem to access or use it though.

From the python command line, this is the process I follow.

from gnuradio import gr
conv = gr.half_conv_enc_bb()

and I receive the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in

For the purpose of reference, I ran a line of code from the heir blocks
example at the same python prompt:

self.nrz = gr.bytes_to_syms()

and I received no error message. (bytes_to_syms is in the same file as my class.)

I don’t necessarily fully understand the gnuradio make/swig process, so
I’m not really sure where I’ve gone wrong. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Alex Y.