Imginfo =['name']) .first


I try do upload of image but before I need to check the size of it
so I made the form to uplaod

<%= form_tag({:action=>‘upload’, :id => }, :multipart =>
true )%>
<%= file_field ‘image’, ‘name’ %>

<%= submit_tag “send” %>
<%= end_form_tag %>

and in controller I have
imginfo =[‘image’][‘name’]) .first

but the params @params[‘image’][‘name’] is wrong ???

unable to open image `#<File:0xb75bfa00>’: No such file or directory:

I save this file like that so I use paraqs the same ??"#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/images/#{params[:id]}/oryg/#{}",
“w”) { |f| f.write(@params[‘image’][‘name’].read) }