Imaps proxy with imaps backend?


From the forum posts that I can find, imaps/pops is not supported on the
backend of an nginx proxy, is this true? Is this a planned feature?

I ask because we have a situation where we would like to use our common
authentication service with an outside service provider, however we will
not be allowed to send any of our passwords to them (ie we can’t sync
our authentication databases).

We were looking at using nginx to provide imaps to our users and
authenticate them through our db, then proxy them to the outside
provider using a stored ‘provider password’ for that user (ie. the user
connects to us via imaps (or pops), we authenticate them against our
common authentication service, then look up their provider password
(just a random string, which they dont know) and complete the backend
proxy connection over imaps.

In the absence of imaps on the backend side of an nginx proxy, does
anyone have any other suggestions for setting this up?


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