Image question

I’m just starting out so i don’t know if i have something configured
wrong or if i’m just overlooking something.

Whenever I’m viewing the html stuff, the images point to the shared
‘images’ folder but half the time the images come up as broken links.

Its using the mysql database to come up with the url which is a
varchar(200) type.

viewing the properties of the image brings up what i want it to be, but
it still shows broken. The link comes up as:
http://localhost:3000/store/images/wii.jpg’ which is what i thought it
supposed to be… But as i said it has been randomly be coming up.

Is it a server thing and i just have to restart the server to reload the
images or something?

Anything else needed for info to help answer and i’ll be happy to
provide it.

heh… nevermind, i was typing it in wrong when it asks for the image

ah well… atleast now i know what was going on.

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