Image can not be displayed from database


I have problem in displaying image from database, please help me how to
display my image.


(I not create file name field to save original file name to database)

employee_name, type data → varchar

face_pict - type data → bolb
pict_content - type data → varchar


class DisplayImageController < ApplicationController

def employee_face
@employees = Employee.find(params[:id])
send_data(@employees.face_pict, :type => @employees.pict_content,
:disposition => “inline”)



<%= image_tag(“/display_image/employee_face?id=”, :alt
=>, :class => “fix_pict”) %>


I tried the script above for displaying image, when I run it in
development server, the image is displayed properly. But when I deploy
it and run it in production server, the image can not be displayed
without error message.

My Analysis:

  1. I check use Firefox and Opera, the image’s size of file is read
  2. My saved picture content is image/jpeg. I check production.log i got
    this :

Processing DisplayImageController#employee (for xx.91.x.210 at
2008-02-18 03:05:02) [GET]
Session ID: beec19ee523ea0e8d3838da9800bb48d
Parameters: {“action”=>“employee_face”, “id”=>“6.png”,
Sending data
Completed in 0.00153 (652 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00003 (2%) | DB:
0.00043 (27%) | 200 OK

  1. I run this link : (without .png) and
    my image still can not be displayed. Then i go to production.log again
    and see this new written :

Processing DisplayImageController#employee (for xx.91.x.210 at
2008-02-18 03:07:12) [GET]
Session ID: c040263c1e0bb218297918330c82ba14
Parameters: {“action”=>“employee_face”, “id”=>“6”,
Sending data
Completed in 0.00180 (555 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.00003 (1%) | DB:
0.00063 (34%) | 200 OK

  1. I tried another script in my view

modified → employee.rhtml

And after i deployed it using capistrano, the same thing is happened
again (picture still can not be displayed). Please help me what should
i do to display my image from database. Thank you very much.