I'm looking for Ruby Developers

Hi to all Members of the Group!
I am an ProjectManager from Ukraine.
We are making a Social Network for Kyiv youth in Ukraine.
We are looking for Developers on the Ruby on Rails Framework.
We are a non-profit organization at start, but we will reorganize to a
comm. site when we grow up and then we can finnance your work. The
Project is very interesting
Here are some details^
First of all, our project is not just a site, it’s community of Kiev’s
youth, real community, not just a web-community.

Goals of your project:

  1. To unite and consolidate representatives of Kiev’s youth;
  2. To teach our generation how to build, to defend and to use own
    opinion concerning absolutely different aspects and phenomenons, how
    to shield yourself from the informational manipulation;
  3. to prepare our generation for the future government of our country.

Audience: we’re going to gather Kiev’s high school students (last 3
years of middle education) and early University students (first two
We’ve unique right to promote our web-resource - as a core of our
community, in the middle schools by using the functioning organization
of high schoolers, which counts more then 350 members, by one in each
school of Kiev. According to the current legislation of Ukraine no
commercial can be placed in middle educational institute, except the
information that concerns school and it’s pupils. Only by gathering
audience from schools we’re going to get at least 5 users from each
school, it means that at the beginning we’re going to have more than
1500 users. Then by using the technology of the social-virus we’re
going to increase this number in few times.

Our methods:
We’re going to create web-publication, discussion forum, e-community
mechanism: blogs, uploadable photo-albums, “dating” system and more
different mechanisms, e.g. :system of knowledge-bank for students
(elders will share their e-synopsizes from the University), moreover
we’re going to organize a lot of different events, that will unite
users in real live.

Please contact me, when you would like to help us or need more