I'm looking for a job as Ruby, Ruby on Rails developer

Hi guys, I’m looking for any job related with this technology.

I have a 1 year of experience with RoR and 8 years as IT specialist

Worked with:

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails,
  • Rspec, TestUnit
  • Haml, Slim
  • JavaScript, Ajax, JSON
  • HTML, CSS/SCSS, Bootstrap
  • Gems (Devise, Pundit, Carrierwave, MiniMagick and others)
  • MySql
  • Git
  • VPS

My GitHub with few examples: Pavel-A-S (Pavel) · GitHub

Location: Russia, Moscow

English: Intermediate

Email: [email protected]

P.S. I will be glad to get any comments.

Hi Matt, didn’t know about these resources. Thanks for idea!

Hey Pavel!

Have you checked out:

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http:// webwork.io has loads of remote ruby jobs http://webwork.io I
would try there

Please ban this tool.

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