Igonre Validatoin with Cancel Button

I have a forum field, and I use the validates_ in my model and it works
fine and dandy, but I dont want it to check validation when the user
hits cancel on a form.

The validation stops them from getting where they want which would be
away from the form regardless of the errors…

Would I have to do some checking inside the validate function in my
model to ignore them under the condition they pressed the cancel

Suggestions on going about it?

It seems my cancel button actaully does commit changes, how do I stop
that as well?

On 7-okt-2006, at 23:26, OmenKing wrote:

Suggestions on going about it?

What you are describing sounds totally vague, but nevertheless

class BooController < ApplicationController
def do_something
stuff.save(params[:cancel] ? true : false)