If you run a SaaS company, or work at one, I wanna talk to you

Dear all,

Since a large number of RoR developers work at internet companies, I
thought posting this makes sense here. Anyway, I need your help. I
promise I’m not selling anything or asking for a job. Please continue

I’m part of an entrepreneurship program which teaches its students on
how to build profitable SaaS products. The first thing I’m supposed to
do is to pick an industry and find successful people to interview. I’m
choosing to talk to successful people in the SaaS business. That way,
I would know which business vertical to pick and how I can contribute
value to the ecosystem with my mix of skills.

Since most of the members here are software developers, consultants,
or even founders, I’d thought reaching out to you makes sense. If you
run a SaaS company, or work at one, I want to talk to you over the
phone or Skype. I’m happy to answer questions.

Thanks in advance!