If Ruby was a girl, what would she look like?

Hi all,

I’m a graphic designer/illustrator.

I work at a web/ios developing company. We’re about to move office and
the boss men would like me to do some art for the new offices. The other
designers and I thought it would be a neat idea to do character designs
of the code base we use (Ruby) and a time keep web app we made,

So if Ruby was a girl, what would she look like to you?
What would her weapon of choice be? What would her mode of transport?

Is she blonde? Red-head? How does she dress? Is she upper or lower

Just looking for some ideas!

I guess you’d have to make her a redhead with red themed clothing, that
would be the main connection people would make to the name.

It could be quite difficult to translate language attributes into visual
character traits. I suppose you could get inspiration from phrases
associated with ruby like “nice (Matz)”, “the principle of least
surprise (how would you show that?)”, “fun”, “there’s more than one way
to do everything”… Maybe the way Ruby programs can change themselves?

ruby would be a feisty lil’ redhead … maybe with a blood python sister
(i image ruby as pythons evil twin sister ;p )

hm it reminds me about this trailer named “ruby sparks”

“I wrote she can speak France … and she did!”
… sounds like a RubyProgramm for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: