IF out on the DBS Rx


So, I am thinking about building an adaptor card for the USRP
(specifically for the DBS Rx daughtercard) that fits in between the
daughtercard and the motherboard. I would like to pull the IF signal
(right now I believe the default is 4MHz) at whatever that it is, and
send it to another A/D card / preexisting eval board (via SMA). I
don’t believe this will be too difficult because the standard
connectors on the motherboard to daughtercard would be easy enough to
use as connector pieces, but I wanted to see if anyone can forsee any
trouble on the horizon for this project. I would need to obviously
consider impedence issues and possibly adding a few buffer amps to
the adaptor card, but other than that I cannot think of why this wont

thanks for any input,

david scaperoth