If only you will remain honest

Dear Foreigner,
I am so sorry if I pried into your privacy, it was due to the
confidentiality repose to this medium. My name is Mr.Charles Papis,the
Manager in charge of Consignment and Diplomatic Delivery Department of
Farrar Diplomatic Service here in Dakar Senegal. My company has been
widely used for deposit/shipment of vital documents and properties,
mostly by prominent leaders in Africa and Europe.

I just discovered an unclaimed Consignment valued at $10M that was
deposited by our late German customer in the year 2000.

For Six years now, I expected any of his relations to make claim for
this Consignment inline with our professional working ethics/guidelines
but it’s so very clear to me now that this deposit was made unknown to
his relations. It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decided to
contact you to legally release and deliver this Consignment (Fund) to
you as the original depositor for safety and subsequent disbursement
among us since nobody is coming for it.

The request for a foreign personality like you in this business is
occasioned by the very fact that the customer was a foreigner. All I
have to do is to process a deposit Bond issued to you as of the time you
deposited the trunk with my company.The United Nation (UN) Office here
will issue Anti-Terrorist Clearance Coverage and endorse the shipment in
line with the UN embargo on shipment ethics 72 of the delivery Act. I
will work out all the shipment process and the special diplomatic
delivery to your doorstep or to any of our clearing house closer to you
where you will be paid in cash.

All I want you to do is to apply to my company officially for the
release of your consignment. Trusting to hear from you ASAP if you are
willing to work with me.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.Charles Papis
Farrar Diplomatic Service,#1 Farrar Avenue,Dakar Senegal.
Tel:+221 430 4431