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I am a beginner to Ruby & Watir, as new as three days :slight_smile: I am facing
some beginner issues …
When trying to use or ie.start, a fresh IE opens up and when
using ie.goto on that object opens a new IE browser to navigate to the
site. I tried physically typing the url on the blank / fresh browser
that ruby opens up after or ie.start but I get this error “For
your computers security, websites that are in different security zones
should open up in different windows”.

Is there some stting changes that will solve this problem as clearly
none of you guys are facing this issue with a or ie.start.

The below code will cause the same problem,

require ‘watir’ # the watir controller

set a variable

test_site = ‘

open the IE browser

ie = # this opens up a blank . fresh / new browser
ie.goto(test_site) # This opens up another browser

On Oct 9, 10:03 pm, Vijay P. [email protected] wrote:

ie.goto(test_site) # This opens up another browser

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search the watir mailing list for an answer. Its been asked several
times before. Its something to do with vista.