Ideas for implementing an UI for set combinations in rails



Iam rails newbie. I have to implement a UI design for 3 tables based
on set theory.
I thought a lot of a lot of ideas in the past few days but nothing
seemed to fulfil my necessity

Say i have tables a, b and c
I should be able to do like

a n b
a u b
b - a
(b - a) n c

If any web developers well versed in ui designs out there have some
suggestions of doing it, i would
appreciate it :slight_smile:

Vimal Das


I don’t fully understand. For example when you ask for the intersection
n b’ do you mean all records that are the same in the two tables or the
intersection of the fields of the tables (ie fields that exist in in
tables). If you mean those records that exist in both, do the tables
all the same fields? Or maybe a combination of both.

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