Id3lib-ruby 0.2.0


This is the second release of id3lib-ruby.

== Changes

  • Overhauled direct access methods
    • Remove frames by setting them to nil, e.g. tag.title = nil
    • Removed methods for rarely used frames.
    • All methods use strings now, no special cases like track anymore.
    • Explicit call of to_s in set_frame_text.
  • More unit tests
  • Added method invalid_frames which is useful to detect invalid frame
    data before calling update!.

== Description

id3lib-ruby provides a Ruby interface to the id3lib C++ library for
easily editing ID3 tags (v1 and v2) like with pyid3lib. Because the
extension is based on SWIG, already most of the features of id3lib are

Robin S.

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