Id3lib-ruby 0.1.0 (first release)


I’m glad to announce the first release of id3lib-ruby. It’s a project I
started some time ago and thought someone else may find useful, so here
it is :slight_smile:

== Description

id3lib-ruby provides a Ruby interface to the id3lib C++ library for
easily editing ID3 tags (v1 and v2) like with pyid3lib. Because the
extension is based on SWIG, already most of the features of id3lib are

== Features

  • Read and write ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags
  • Simple interface for adding, changing and removing frames
  • Quick access to common text frames like title and performer
  • Custom data frames like attached picture (APIC)
  • Pretty complete coverage of id3lib’s features
  • UTF-16 support

== Installation

Installation through Rubygems:

gem install id3lib-ruby

Note that you need to have id3lib installed as id3lib-ruby is only a
wrapper library.

== Usage

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘id3lib’

Load a tag from a file

tag =‘talk.mp3’)

Get and set text frames with convenience methods

tag.title #=> “Talk”
tag.album = ‘X&Y’
tag.track = ‘5/13’

Tag is a subclass of Array and each frame is a Hash

#=> { :id => :TPE1, :textenc => 0, :text => “Coldplay” }

Get the number of frames

tag.length #=> 7

Remove all comment frames

tag.delete_if{ |frame| frame[:id] == :COMM }

Add an attached picture frame

cover = {
:id => :APIC,
:mimetype => ‘image/jpeg’,
:picturetype => 3,
:description => ‘A pretty picture’,
:textenc => 0,
:data =>‘cover.jpg’)
tag << cover

Last but not least, apply changes


== Planned

  • win32 binary gem (with id3lib included)

Robin S.

Thanks Robin, it looks great!


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