Id attribute partial problem in tab

I have used JavaScript Tabifier automatically create an html css tabs interface in my rails
view. My problem is when I place a partial in the second tab I lose
access to the global attribute for reference purposes with
the draggable_element.

<% for pdf in @article.pdfs %>
<%= image_tag pdf.title,
:style => “vertical-align: middle”,
:id => “#{}_#{}”,
:class => “attached_pdf” %>

<%= draggable_element “#{}_#{}”, :revert => true %>
<% end %>

If I use “#{@article.title}_#{}” for the image_tag :id and
draggable_element id it works without problem. If I place the render
partial call in the first tab it works without problems…

Any ideas?

The problem was the :id was not unique and clashed with other
draggable attachments on different tabs.

By adding a unique string to the beginning of the id solved the

:id => “pdflibrary_#{}_#{}”