Ics to outlook calendar script

I need some help I’ve written a script with the intention of keeping
my Exchange Calendar and local iCalendar in sync via IMAP.

So far I can get message back and forth but I cannot sync as I don’t
know where to find a LastModified time on a message coming from
Exchange via IMAP.

I have managed to put together what looks like proper code to handle
the syncing but it very simplistic and I’m not doing too much in the
way of using iCalendar gem. I wanted to but decided that for syncing
it was more trouble than it was worth for me.

So if anyone know how to find a LastModified time from IMAP with
exchange that would be helpful.

Also since I have managed to get it to do dump only to Exchange I’d
like to post it somewhere for people to use, borrow from, or make
better. I looked at Ruby Forge but I’ve never put anything there and
I wasn’t sure this warranted it. If anyone has any suggestions on
where would be a good place to post this that would be very helpful.
The script is three files total one rb, one cfg, and one log file.


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