I18n_routing: Easy routes translations for Rails 2.x And Rails3

Hi everyone,

Last week, I have finaly pushed my plugin that do Rails routing
translation on github.
It’s based on top of I18n api and it works with Rails 2 and Rails 3 !

I currently use it in production on several Rails 2 projects.

The usage is extremly simple, juste declare your routes in a localized
block, like this :

localized do
resources :users

There is a last thing I need to do : making the plugin compatible with
deep nested resources :confused:

The github : http://github.com/kwi/i18n_routing

Hope to read your feedbacks, advices, and comments soon ! And for
sure, feel free to get involve !


(It’s have been tested on Rails 2.3.5, Rails3 beta and Rails3 edge)

The README of your plugin could use some examples :wink:


Yes, you got a point here :slight_smile:

But I moved all examples in the Github Wiki, I will add simple
examples in the README too !

On 7 avr, 15:14, “Jürgen Feßlmeier” [email protected]

Hi again everyone.

Just to tell to interested people that I have finally fixed the nested
resources issue on Rails2.
And I have released a gem : i18n_routing

By the way I have also released a new plugin for auto-scoping
translations : http://github.com/kwi/i18n_auto_scoping
(i18n_auto_scoping gem)
It’s really useful for your views, with it, you keep your translations
simple and well organized.

Documentation is on the wiki.


Hi Kwi,

I didn’t have to time to look inside your lib, only read github wiki,
but isn’t that similar to i18n lazy-lookup
http://guides.rubyonrails.org/i18n.html#lazy-lookup ?


2010/4/12 Kwi [email protected]:

How to use ParseDate in a localized way so the user can input a date
in any local format (e.g. in se 3/12/75 or TIsdag, 2:a juni 1965t)
that still can be parsed by ParseDate

Looks great!!

2010/4/7 Kwi [email protected]


I currently use it in production on several Rails 2 projects.

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Hi Krzysztof,

My mistake, you are right, after testing, the lazy-lookup do pretty
the same as my plugin.
I need to pay more attention at documentation before spending time
coding ! Good to know anyway :confused:


On Apr 12, 11:15 pm, Krzysztof K. [email protected]

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