I18n + ActionMailer = conflict?

Hi there,

can anybody tell me why I get the error message:

“undefined method ‘t’ for #Mailer:0xb6d501e0

… when I call the following Mailer?

class Mailer < ActionMailer::Base

def signup_notification(user)
@recipients = “#{user.email}”
@from = APP_CONFIG[‘mail’][‘sender’]

@subject     = "#{APP_CONFIG['settings']['name']} - "
@subject    += "#{ t('.activate_new_account') }."

@body[:user] = user
@body[:url]  =

@sent_on = Time.now


(See the translation in the 2 “@subject” lines)

Does I18n have a problem with ActionMailer or what am I missing?

Thanks a bunch for any hint!

Ok, figured it out:

In a Mailer model, translations can not be accessed using the shortcut:


You have to use it this way:


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