I want to pass the name of a calling web page in a form in Ruby

Hi I am quite new to ruby.

I have a landing page controller and index page that has a button on
it that pops up a user input form for email address etc. One of the
things I want to capture and write into the database is the name of
the originating landing page. ie www,mydomain.com/landngpage/

another landing page could be


The above form calls a ppc_user controller


Can anyone help me on this. I have seen a few examples of passing
data using the flash option but I can’t get this to work.


Well I don’t see anything Ruby related in that question, but you could
look at the HTTP “Referer” header.

If you are writing code in a web framework such as Rails, and you have a
question about Rails (such as how to get a particular header out of the
request object), then you’d be better off asking on the Rails mailing

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rather than a specific application written in Ruby.



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