I want a rectangle on a window

Hey forum…

I should first warn you that I am a noob. I have been trying to draw a
rectangle on a window the whole day… and I have reached nowhere. First
I tried using “texplay”, but for some reason, the damn thing wont
install at all. The error was:

checking for main() in -lfreeglut_static … no

Then I came across “cairo”. I found out that it does draw anything u
want it to draw… bt I couldnt find any tutorial/sample/program that’d
draw on a window. I did find, however, a tutorial that’d do so… but it
was on GTK (I’m on windows).

So, here it is guys… Im sick and tired and sleepy and weary…
Someone please help me. Any kind of help… I’ll appreciate it a lot.


if you are on Windows, that’s simple because RubyInstaller
(http://rubyinstaller.org/) include tk.
so you’ll just have to look here for tutorials : http://www.tkdocs.com/

if you’re not on Windows, you could still look on tkdocs the install
tutorial for your platform, or look if you don’t have a Ruby GUI already
installed or easily available.