I need some help with a Depot problem


I’ve had several reports of a problem with the RJS template in the
Depot application. Some people apparently see an error when adding
the first item to the cart: the highlight effect is failing, throwing
an exception in the browser. For example, here’s an errata report:

Highlighting does not work when item is added for first time. using
the .rjs code on page 123 page
[:current_item].visual_effect :highlight, :startcolor =>
#88ff88”, :endcolor => “#114411” I get an error when i Add an item
to the cart that was not yet in there. I get the error in IE or
Mozilla Firefox both display the new item in the cart but then a
errorbox pops up stating : The page at http://localhost:3000/store
RJS error: TypeError: $(“current_item”) has not properties

The problem is, it works fine for me on every browser I’ve tried.

I suspect it might be timing related–perhaps the DOM hasn’t finished
adding the new cart item by the time the JavaScript tries to execute
the highlight. But I have no way of digging deeper, because I can’t
reproduce the problem.

Is there anyone out there who does see this problem who could dig in
and see just what’s going on? I’d appreciate it.



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