I Love Ruby book updated

Hello Folks,

Have updated my book I Love Ruby. Added a title called assigning logic
statements to variables. This is actually a very good feature that Ruby
but my book hadn’t covered till today. You can get the book here

Hope you will find it useful, it starts on page 36, proof reading and
suggestions are welcome.

Oops! Google Chrome could not find goo.gl1qrmun

Did you mean: goo.­gl

Where is the correct link?


okay replace the with / . For some reason if I put
forward slash this forum is thinking I am posting a spam. Donno why.


It is the correct one, I think.

Thank you very much.

Absolutely. I gave the goo.gl link so that I know how many people are
using my book. Yes you can download it from Dropbox directly.

Would be great if people can mail me suggestions.