I have some error on windows when cmd as rails server


Can you give a bit more detail? Have you ever been able to successfully
run ‘rails server’ on this windows computer? Was it working before
adding the last gem?

FYI, very few of us develop in a Windows environment and will not be
familiar with Windows specific errors. If you are serious about Rails
development, strongly consider Linux, I like Ubuntu, or using a Mac.

On 9 June 2015 at 04:15, Chutirat C. [email protected] wrote
nothing except a screenshot.

Which version of rails are you using? (rails -v)
Have you run
bundle install

And as others have said copy/paste stuff here, do not use screenshot


And paste a text log, not a screenshot!

The server cannot find file ‘nokogiri’
You evidently declared it with a reguire statement…

Check that you have installed that gem:

gem list ‘nokogiri’

I looked the error and noticed that your version of ruby is 2.2.0. I had
this problem and find that nokoguri isn’t compatible with 2.2.0. The
version 2.0 of ruby is more bugless. Install the version 2.0 of ruby and
happy. :slight_smile:
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