I have a problem with ruby

i’m beginner in ruby
and i have a problem ,i hope that you help me to fix it
the problem is that when i write any program and save it as a .rb file
when i want to open it (the program) it open for a second then the
window close without doing any thing

(i use windows xp)

so please help me to fix this problem

Abood Abood wrote:


Are you running it from the console?

Start -> run -> enter “cmd”

cd to your ruby program
eg. C:\ cd\my_programming_folder
and run it with:
C:\my_programming_folder\ ruby some_program.rb

Hope this helps
Gustav P.
[email protected]

thank you very much
it’s work so good

On 20.11.2006 15:00, Abood Abood wrote:

Your Windows is probably configured to associate “*.rb” with “execute
via Ruby”. You can fix that via Explorer, Tools, Folder Options.