I got a problem when I run "gem clean"

I bought a new Mac (:P) in these days, and I found that Leopard built-
in rails 1.2.6
But it’s rails 2.2.2 right now, so I upgraded Rubygems before I
upgraded rails…
and after I upgraded Rubygems and Rails… I run “gem clean” and got
the error message:

bash-3.2# gem clean
Cleaning up installed gems…
Attempting to uninstall rails-1.2.6
ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::InstallError)
Unknown gem rails = 1.2.6

hmm… I don’t know how to solve it :frowning:
Could anyone tell me how to solve it? thanks!

If I rwmember correctly gem doesn’t like removing gems from /System.
My advice would be to not worry about it -rubygems is perfectly happy
with multiple versions of gems


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