I found the Rubocop yml file

Is this the file I need to edit in order to mute offences I don’t agree with or want ?

For example, If I want to mute these offences, is this file the place to do it ?

Yes, that’s the one - “default.yml”.

For example, if you don’t like getting the ‘offence’
“Style/StringLiterals: Prefer single-quoted strings when you don’t need string interpolation or special symbols.”

Then go to line 3769, and change the ‘enabled’ to false:

  Description: 'Checks if uses of quotes match the configured preference.'
  StyleGuide: '#consistent-string-literals'
  Enabled: true
  VersionAdded: '0.9'
  VersionChanged: '0.36'
  EnforcedStyle: single_quotes
    - single_quotes
    - double_quotes
  # If `true`, strings which span multiple lines using `\` for continuation must
  # use the same type of quotes on each line.
  ConsistentQuotesInMultiline: false