I don't need serious help!

I’ve had a very long absence from Ruby. As with all of my other skills,
I seem to pick things up with unnatural fanaticism and then lose steam

Ruby has been one of the things that I’ve picked up and put back down
many times over a number of years. But I crave it… and I’ve begun
itching to do problem solving in Ruby when I hear about problems
unrelated to my current focuses. I’m very happy about that.

A while back I asked here about motivating a ruby newbie, methods for
learning, ways to attack project problems, etc. I got a lot of
constructive feedback, much of which didn’t make clear sense then, but
given time and experimentation a lot of it sunk in.

I seem to be developing habits. Some of them I suspect are bad and I’ll
have to lose them, but I think they’re still an important starting
point. I search before I ask. I wait a day before getting frustrated
and answers just come to me. I’m slow and deliberate, and I’ll work on
comments or pseudocode when I lose steam. All good starting points.

I wanted to give a quick thanks for the community. I just spent a lot
of time laughing aloud while reading through some recent posts. =)