I cant work script in python in gnuradio

this message show with lsusrp and usrp_fft.py and others script

javier@ubuntu:~$ lsusrp
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/bin/lsusrp”, line 25, in
from gnuradio import usrp
line 25, in
from usrp_swig import *
line 26, in
_usrp_swig = swig_import_helper()
line 22, in swig_import_helper
_mod = imp.load_module(’_usrp_swig’, fp, pathname, description)
ImportError: libgnuradio-usrp-3.4.2.so.0: cannot open shared object
No such file or directory

dont understand, help me plz :smiley:

Hi Javier,

Python can’t find the GNU Radio USRP module shared library, maybe
because it’s not installed correctly.
Please note: The version of GNU Radio you are using is old. In fact,
it’s ancient. Even if you get it to run without error, it makes a lot
less fun to work with that than with GNU Radio 3.7. If you can switch
from 3.4 to 3.7, please do so! (Uninstall the old GNU Radio first)
lsusrp is a very old tool, too, and although I’m not quite sure, I don’t
think it works with newer USRPs (because it’s pre-UHD); you should
really really update your UHD installation.

Hope that helped!