I can't make RSpec 1.0.8 run in Rails 1.2.3

I followed the directions on the site:

ruby script/plugin install
ruby script/plugin install
ruby script/generate rspec

And apparently everything was ok. But when I do a “rake spec” on the
application folder none of the Rails models are visible to RSpec. Here
is the error:

(in C:/Projects/Rails/Workspace/MPS)
./spec/report_class_spec.rb:4: uninitialized constant ReportClass

I just have this on report_class_spec.rb:

describe ReportClass, ‘#new’ do

ReportClass was already created on app/models. When I add the following
line at the top of the file it complains about ActiveRecord
(uninitialized constant)

require File.dirname(FILE) + ‘/…/app/models/report_class’

Thanks in advance,


Please disregard this. This topic already exist on this forum, I thought
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