I am unable to install ruby on rails in my windows8 OS which is 64-bit

I am using rubyinstaller-1.9.3 version and railsinstaller-3.1.0 during
installation in my command prompt i am getting an error as:

“could not find a valid gem ‘rails’ unable to” unable to download data
from http://rubyonrails.org…"

which is the correct procedure and which is correct version to use in
and rails for windows 8 OS with 64 bit. Please let me know as soon as

Hi vinutha,

Are you sitting behind any network proxy?. If so please contact your
network administrator to give access to rubyonrails.org website.


On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 3:00 PM, VINUTHA REDDY B <

The ruby/rails/ruby installer has many bugs in Windows 8. If you don’t
install Ruby in the exactly folder as is suggested, (e.g.: if you
install in something like “d:\my apps\ruby”), it won’t work, because the
installer have trouble dealing with special characters, with whitespaces
in the path, with more than 8 characters in the folder name (reminds me
the old ms-dos), and I guess that some lines in the source-code has this
default path explicitly written.

Beside this you may also contact Ruby on Rails experts in India; Since
they can easily guide and solve your many problems.

This won’t be a direct reply to your question, but if you’re thinking
serious development use linux-based dev environment.
You can use Virtualbox on your Windows to install Linux on it…
Just my advice.