I am trying to install Ruby on Rails on Windows 10 but need help

I am using the guide from https://gorails.com/setup/windows/10 and I am using the rbenv method and following this exactly. When I get down to the part where I must run the command:
rails new myapp -d postgresql

It gives me multiple errors:
error: chmod on /mnt/c/myapp/.git/config.lock failed: Operation not permitted
fatal: could not set ‘core.repositoryformatversion’ to ‘0’

/home/jimmyv/.rbenv/versions/2.6.5/lib/ruby/2.6.0/fileutils.rb:1321:in `chmod’: Operation not permitted @ apply2files - /mnt/c/myapp/bin (Errno::EPERM)

I chose the PostgreSQL database and downloaded and installed it prior to running the command.

I am running Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.19013.1000 (vb_release)
Thank you!