Https-fix in nginx version, confused


first thing: thanks a lot for nginx-0.5.35, i see that the https “bad
write retry” bug is fixed in it.

but there is a problem for me with it:

the bugfix first appeared in 0.6.23.
but then, on the same day, 0.6.24 was released which contained a
segfault fix for a https-issue that appeared in 0.6.23. was that
segfault caused by the “bad write retry” bugfix?

if yes, is that “0.6.24-fix” also in 0.5.35?


On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 12:03:38PM +0100, G?bor Farkas wrote:

if yes, is that “0.6.24-fix” also in 0.5.35?
No, it was caused by optimization of 16K buffer usage in a SSL
And this optimization is not included in 0.5.35. It will be included
in final form.