Http://user:[email protected] => how to access user, pass

If I send a URL to Rails (via Mongrel in development mode) that
includes the user:password credentials in the URL then I notice the
URL helpers all produce URLs that include the credentials. However I
cannot find a way to access to credentials myself in a controller

The plan is (eventually over SSL) to be able to submit login
credentials in the URL. If authenticated then the Session will be
used to keep the credentials for the users session. Therefore:

  1. How can I get access to the user:password in the originating URL
    (nothing in request.env appears to provide it, yet the url helpers all
    represent it).

  2. Then I want to tell the url_helpers to not use the user:pass so it
    doesn’t appear in the request any more.

Any ideas out there?

Cheers, --Kip

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