Http streaming in Rails 3.0.3 and thin server


In my site I am using ‘thin’ server and my environment is Rails 3.0.3
and Ruby 1.8.7. Certain pages in site take a long time to process and as
I am hosting it on Heroku I get timeout errors frequently. I am planning
to use http streaming in this setup. When I use curl on the command
prompt I do see that transaction is chunked. Apart from this setup I
haven’t done any other change in the code to have http streaming. How do
I confirm that page is actually loaded using http streaming and what
changes do I need to do in code/setup to start http streaming?

I can’t upgrade Rails/Ruby as the hosting on heroku is temporary and I
may have to move to some other hosting service and I may not have the
option to use higher versions of Rails/Ruby.

Thanks for any help in advance.