HTTP Post using Internet Explorer


I am using Win32ole to automate Internet Explorer and need to “post” the
form variables. This is done by passing additional parameters to the IE
Navigate method.

I can nearly get the function to work by passing the 4th parameter (the
data) as an array, if I use string the Navigate method reverts to a HTTP
Get. However when I pass the data as an array I get non-ASCII rubbish
the actual post data sent to the server.

I have tried calling the method via its Dispatch ID using _invoke method
setting the type of parameters passed but with identical results.

Unfortunately WATIR et al doesn’t fit the bill for what I am trying to

Has anyone got IE to post data via the Navigate method??


What exactly are you trying to do that Watir doesn’t fit the bill for?
Just curious.
Anyway if you want to manually manipulate a post, why not use
Net::HTTP? It’s good at that stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks Kyle

I want to automate some testing including fuzzing some of the post data
input. Net::HTTP can definitely do it but I wanted to view the results
test visually especially for some pages that will return a 200 OK
regardless of what you through at it.